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List of Links

Here are some websites which subjects are related to ours.

Viktor Frankl Institute

The Viktor Frankl Institute is a non-profit scientific society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis. It is the task of the Viktor Frankl Institute to foster the lifetime work of Viktor Frankl and to provide access to authentic information about Logotherapy and Existential Analysis.
The anthropology of our Society, the JSHA, has its origin in the philosophical anthropology of Max Scheler, who is known as the father of modern anthropology, and as well as in the Logotherapy of Dr. Viktor Frankl, who succeeded basic ideas of Scheler. Dr. Hiroshi Takashima, who was the founder of the Society and a close fellow and personal friend to Dr. Frankl, has established his anthropology by numerous discussions with Dr. Frankl.
Logotherapy is a psychotherapy that attaches importance to the meaning of life. Moreover, Logotherapy seen in a broader sense is considered more than a just medical treatment. It is a study of understanding humans through the spirit. In this sense therefore, we identify Logotherapy as the same in meaning as the anthropology of the Society.

The Africa,America and Asia Reconciliation Services(AAAR Services)

Japan Society of Humanistic Anthropology focused on the work of “Reconciliation” that the Republic of Benin in West Africa experienced in that is containing important element for peace. The Republic of Benin made a great step to develop its nation through changing each one’s heart, putting the citizen’s heart together. This work of reconciliation, as a model of peace process may bring hope for the countries and regions where needs reconciliation inside and outside of its countries as well. Now Japan Society of Humanistic Anthropology started to introduce this movement to Asian countries with the Republic of Benin and AAAR-Service .

Heartscape Sketchbook of Yoshimichi Katsumoto

Yoshimichi Katsumoto, Executive Director of Japan Society Humanistic Anthropology Association, is an artist (painter) and has been appealing human spiritual uplift and world peace through artistic expressions. Our association focused on an importance of arts and plan to promote researches of raising heart through arts. This home page introduces paintings gallery, poems, essays, so on of Mr. Yoshimichi Katsumoto. I hope these paintings can offer you joy and relaxation.