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A Summary of the Philosophy of Peace Seminar

November 30th, 2013 at the Meeting Room of Musashino Place,
Musashino City, Tokyo, Japan

A seminar on the Philosophy of Peace was held for JSHA research members, opening with a report of JSHA’s recent activities, including last September’s visit to Nepal.

The main portion of the seminar focused on a lecture and slide show titled “The Philosophy of Peace – a Vision for a New World” The main thrust of the presentation was that in order to solve social problems caused by humanity, there is a crucial role and need for a philosophical elucidation of anthropology, which is a major focus of the JSHA’s research.

The Necessity of the Philosophy of Peace

The following three points were highlighted as the fundamental problems of western philosophy which have, in turn, been influencing modern society:

1. Individualism
2. Materialism
3. The ideological misunderstanding of conflict and struggle

A presentation of how quantum physics, considered to be the most advanced study in modern philosophy, has made it possible for natural science and metaphysics to find harmonious common ground. Based especially on this new view of ontology, as the foundation for philosophy, a solution for the three philosophical propositions mentioned above was presented.

As existence is formed in a quantitative field, human also cannot exist as an individual.
From the fact that harmonious relationship between nature and the others’ existence surrounding the individual keeps the life alive and existence is formed, it can be said that harmonious relationship between the individual and the whole is necessary.

Furthermore, it was logically explained that existence is formed by a harmonious relationship between quantity and qualia, as opposed to the dualistic view that matter and spirit are separate. Materialism also represents a short sighted and one dimensional view of the universe.

Yoshimichi Katsumoto, chairman of the JSHA, giving a lecture
Yoshimichi Katsumoto, chairman of the JSHA, giving a lecture
A peaceful society can only be established through the harmonious relationship between the members of that society, and never by individualism. The spiritual element is also indispensable for recognition of essential value.
We have come to the stage when the research in anthropology has to integrate with that of space science.
This applies to any field of study – it needs to be pursued in harmony with other fields.
In conclusion, having welcomed the 21st century, we can now anticipate the appearance of a completely new scientific philosophy.