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Presenting the Philosophy of Peace in Nepal

Presenting the Philosophy of Peace in Nepal
September 18th – 27th, 2013

The delegation of JSHA led by its chairman, Mr. Katsumoto, visited Nepal in order to present the Philosophy of Peace, a new philosophy harmonizing science and philosophy. Containing and systematizing the elements of both eastern philosophy and theology, this new philosophy represents the foremost fruits of the philosophical anthropology which the researchers of JSHA have been studying for many years.

The political situation of Nepal has been unstable since the installation of the interim government in March of 2013, and has remained so up to the current moment, as they approach the Nepalese Constituent Assembly election in November. The entire nation of Nepal has been seeking sustainable peace and prosperity since the abolition of the monarchy after the Nepalese Civil War over 10 years ago, but has, instead, witnessed a confused and frustrating clash between democracy and communism.

JSHA conducted four seminars on the Philosophy of Peace, with the cooperation of Nepalese members of the JSHA research team, during its stay in Nepal. In addition, the delegation met with governmental leaders, headed by the President and the Vice-President of Nepal, religious leaders from Tibetan Buddhist, Hindu faiths, and Christianity, a number of university professors, educators, and journalists.

We conveyed the fact to these various societal leaders that Japan has been able to sustain her culture and prosperity because of the teachings of Buddha, who was born in Nepal; and expressed our confidence that Nepal has the potential to become a model nation in the future establishment of world peace.

The participants in these four seminars, leaders from various fields, government officials, journalists, and representatives of both youth and women’s organizations voiced support for the ideas presented, as well as for the substantial solutions to Nepal’s political challenges.

Even after our return to Japan, we have continued to receive favorable responses to the Philosophy of Peace presented in Nepal.

【State of the philosophy of peace seminar in Nepal】

The Philosophy of Peace Seminar1
An audience with President Ram Baran Yadav, (back row, fourth from right,) with members of JSHA in Nepal, at the Presidential residence.

The Philosophy of Peace Seminar2
Presentation by Chairman Katsumoto
at the Philosophy of Peace Seminar,
held at Pokhara, Mt. Kailash Resort,
September 21st, (Sunday,) 2013