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Invitees included two national journalists and one youth leader from Nepal.
Convened in Osaka, Japan / Jan. 9-15, 2014

The JSHA has conducted a one week seminar on the Philosophy of Peace, from January 9th to 15th, 2014. Participating were two Nepalese journalists from a national newspaper company and a Nepalese youth leader from a nationwide all- youth organization. This recent event represented the third such seminar for Nepalese intellectuals in this past year; following seminars in January, 2013 (in Tokyo,) and September, 2013 (in Nepal.)

The Outline of the Seminar was as Follows:

The following three points were highlighted as the fundamental problems of western philosophy which have, in turn, been influencing modern society:

1. The three different views of human beings based on the classifications of Max Scheler
- An introductory explanation of the three types of human beings as a lecture on anthropology, in order to better understand the necessity of the Philosophy of Peace.

2. The problems of cultural Marxism
– A presentation of the problems of the family, and the subsequent confusion within our world.

3. Ontology of the Philosophy of Peace
– An introduction to the fundamental concept for building true peace through searching for and understanding the root of human existence.

Yoshimichi Katsumoto, chairman of the JSHA, giving a lecture
Yoshimichi Katsumoto, Chairman of the JSHA, giving lectures during seminar
During their stay in Japan, the seminar participants enjoyed sightseeing in Osaka and Kyoto, showing their great interest in Japan’s traditions, spiritual culture, and the high degree of technological development throughout the country.

Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha and has a highly developed spiritual culture like that of Japan. We agreed that these common aspects in both nations should play an important role in building world peace, and, agreed upon the necessity of our further cooperation.

The three participants
The three participants: (left to right):
Mr. Gokarna Prasad Aryal / Mr. Ballav Mani Dahal / Mr. Dipak Karki
Yoshimichi Katsumoto, chairman of the JSHA, giving a lecture
Visiting Kinkaku-Ji – the Golden Pavilion
(Official name: Rokuon-ji) in Kyoto

Mr. Ballav Mani Dahal, one of the participants, published an article on Kyoto in The Rising Nepal after his return to Nepal.