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For rally in Nepal of "International Youth Day"

Introducing the message delivered by the chairman of the JSHA association
at the gathering representing International Youth Day, 2013, in Nepal

An annual International Youth Day was established by a United Nations (UN) resolution in 2000 and has been celebrated annually since that year on August 12th. From its inception, in anticipation of the full participation of youth toward the improvements in our world societies, various communities and groups throughout the world have taken the initiative in the planning and holding of events for youth.

Our association has been communicating with the country of Nepal since we first visited the country in 2010. This year, International Youth Day in Nepal was held for three days – August 10th, 11th, and 12th. Upon this occasion, we were requested by the research members of our association in Nepal to offer a message of hope and inspiration to Nepalese youth. In response to this request, we sent a message from Yoshimichi Katsumoto, the Chairman of our association. The following is a summary of events during International Youth Day in various local areas:


The theme of the UN’s International Youth Day this year was, “Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward.” - Nepal held the observance and activities centered on this special day over a three day period, from August 10th through 12th. As part of this event, Mr. Dipak Karki, a regularly corresponding member of our JSHA association, as well as the executive director of the United Society for the Development of Nepal, and an advisor to the Nepal Federation of Youth NGO Nepal planned and held an important and integral event relating to the theme of this year’s International Youth Day for August 10th, subtitled, “A National Dialogue on Peace, Reconciliation, and Youth,” held at the events hall of the Nepal Administrative Staff College in Katmandu. About one hundred youth attended, coming from all over the country. Mr. Ram Kumar Shrestha, from the provisional government, was invited as a special participant in this conference. The honorable Mr. Shrestha is concurrently serving Nepal as its Peace and Reconstruction minister, Youth and Sports minister, and minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.

It is a startling fact that almost 4 million are working or studying overseas, and most of them don’t want to return to their own country. Their reasons are - no peace, too many political problems, no job opportunities, and other related reasons. However, other youth living in Nepal wish for these young men and women to return to their country.

This year’s International Youth Day, and, in particular, Mr. Karki’s program affirmed for all of us that the solemn reality of losing our youth will have a large impact on the future of Nepal. Consequently, the moving message sent by chairman Katsumoto has given a great deal of hope to these young people who remain in Nepal, and have a passionate concern for their country’s future. Surely, this message has helped to fortify their positivity, and inspire their resolve and courage in working to overcome the nation’s domestic problems.

【State of the International Youth Day in Nepal】

“National Dialogue Program on Peace, Reconciliation, and Youth,” Saturday, August 10th, 2013.

Nepal Youth Activity 1
Minister Ram Kumar Shrestra,
front row, 4th from right;
-Mr. Dipak Karki, front row, 3rd from right

Nepal Youth Activity 2
Youth participants in the
National Dialogue Program
Nepalese youth marching on the last day of the three day event, Monday, August 12th, 2013

Nepal Youth Activity 3
Marching with the youth participants;
Mr. Dipak Karki,
far right, front, Monday, August 12th, 2013
Nepal Youth Activity 4
Nepalese youth from the all of Nepal
and media also attended