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Study Meetings - Outline

Year 2013 

JSHA Lecture No. 10
社会 Theme Lecture on anthropology with insights of writers – Part 4
   “Yukio Mishima and Japan after World War II”
Presenter - Shin Sakuragi, JSHA Researcher

While publishing numerous controversial works such as “Confessions of a Mask”, “The Sound of Waves”, and ”The Temple of the Golden Pavilion”, “The Sea of Fertility tetralogy”, Yukio Mishima ended his life abruptly with the age of 45 through seppuku. Elaborating his ideology and actions, which are still illuminating present Japanese history of literature, we journey to search what Mishima’s earnest message in the post-war time was. This issue will be presented according to the points as seen below:

  1. Life and works of Yukio Mishima
  2. Yukio Mishima incident
  3. How to evaluate Mishima in present time
  4. Mishima’s criticism on civilization

Further, Mishima’s speeches will be shown from video sharing websites in order to experience the novelist’s original voice.