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Social Achievements


We present you here the Reconciliation Movement for peace that we promote together with the Republic of Benin. We aim at adapting the principle of the Reconciliation Process, achieved by the Republic of Benin, in order to contribute as much as possible in solving wars and conflicts in the world.

マーク Study on the process of Reconciliation of Benin

マーク State of Development


The Society promotes social contribution by realistic and concrete activities based on the results of the academic studies. We introduce here the activities of support, which are a part of it.

マーク Movement that pleads for the importance of life

マーク Related to Tohoku earthquake and tsunami

 Art & Culture

The Society invests in artistic and cultural activities for creating a rich spiritual-mental culture. Please find below the reports of the activities.

マーク Japanese Culture & History

マーク Miscellaneous