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Biography of the Founder

代表理事 Hiroshi Takashima, M.D., Ph.D.
(1912 – 1993)
Medical Doctor
Member of the board of directors,
Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, USA
Training instructor for counseling, Institute of Logotherapy, Japan

1912  Born in Tokyo, Japan
graduated from Department of Medicine, the Nihon University
1937  Director of the Takashima Hospital in Nihonbashi
Honorary medical officer of the Italian Embassy in Japan
1942  Assistant of Department of Pharmacology School of Medicine, Keio University
Lecturer of Nihon University School of internal medicine
Guest Professor of Tokyo Rissho Junior College
1953  Chief, Medical Clinic of Maruzen
Part-time Employee of psychosomatic medicine of Hayashi Surgical Hospital
Advisor of the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, Willamette University, USA
1983  Guest professor and judge of academic degree, Paris-Sorbonne University
1984  Guest Lecturer of Department of Philosophy, University of Alaska


生きがい療法      Treatment by the Reason and Meaning of Life –
    Recommendation of the Idea to Live with Disease

     Publisher: Shouden Sha
     Language: Japanese
     Printed in 1974
病む人のために      For People who Suffer from Disease -
    From the Perspective of Existential Psychosomatic Medicine

     Publisher: Igaku Kenkyu Sya
     Language: Japanese
     Printed in 1975
NO IMAGE     Psychosomatic Medicine and Logotherapy
     Published in the U.S.A
     Language: English
     Printed in 1977
不養生健康法      Health Treatment for People Neglecting One's Own Health
     Publisher: Gakuyo Shobo
     Language: Japanese
     Printed in 1983
不養生健康法      Flexible Brain and Inflexible Brain
     Publisher: Gakuyo Shobo
     Language: Japanese
     Printed in 1985
人間学的心身医学       Humanistic Psychosomatic Medicine
     Published in the U.S.A
     Language: English
     Printed in 1985
システム分析      Humanistic Anthropology – From a Medical Approach
     Publisher: Maruzen
     Language: Japanese
     Printed in 1989
システム分析      Invitation to Humanistic Anthropology
     Publisher: San Kai Do
     Language: Japanese
     printed in 1990
NO IMAGE       Humanistic Psychosomatic Medicine
     Published in Israel
     Language: Hebrew
     Printed in 1992