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The Mission Statement

The Japan Society of Humanistic Anthropology Association (JSHA) will promote research
  in the study of Anthropology, and offer the results through various publications.

The Society promotes interdisciplinary studies related to anthropology, approached from
  various specialized fields such as human studies, natural sciences, social sciences, etc.

The Society promotes mutual cooperation with researchers and other societies, institutes or
  organizations, inside and outside Japan, which have the same purpose, in order to conduct
  concrete contributions for society.

About our Society

Our Society is an academic organization that researches on humanistic anthropology as showed in the name of the organization. At first, is a study able to be established within a day?
The answer is no. Hence it is natural to say that there is a long historical school of our research activity. The Society is forwarding the research day by day following in the footsteps of the predecessors, on the other hands, considering it critically. Who is the predecessors and what is our school?

The name of anthropology is recently often used in other fields of study. Therefore the terminological concept is vague and has many meanings. Explain within the frame of “studies,” the father of anthropology, or anthropological study is Max Scheler (German philosopher,

Our research in term of anthropology belongs to his school. The philosophy which Max Scheler established was originated from the one of Edmund Husserl who is famous as the founder of phenomenology. His student is Martin Heidegger who is famous through his book, “Being and Time.” It is well known that there is same philosophical school of Edmund Husserl, Martin Heidegger, Jean-Paul Sartre and Maurice Merleau-Ponty. On the other hands, there is a school of Edmund Husserl, Max Scheler and Viktor Frankl. We belong to this school.

Of course, since Dr. Frankl does not belong to the field of philosophy, but psychology, we cannot really say that he has succeeded Max Scheler’s anthropology in the field of philosophy. Nevertheless, clear is that the succeeded content in Scheler by Dr. Frankl was his understanding or view over the world.

Our Society at present lays its basis on the theories of Dr. Takashima and seeks, through forwarding further broad ideological research, to establish an anthropology that creates peace and development in future humanity. Indeed, the very origin of “anthropology” has come from western philosophy. However, we, as Japanese are very familiar to the eastern ideologies as well. Grasping the western and eastern ideologies multilayered, we endeavor understanding human existence on a new dimension.

Moreover, our Society takes actively actions in regard to activities contributing for the society. Human beings are existences that live as an individual by its own, but at same time, also within the society. As long as the whole society cannot direct to peace and development, we consider that happiness for the individual cannot exist. As on top Dr. Takashima explained, a desirable anthropology should be a practical science, and global that contributes to world peace.

The Japan Society of Humanistic Anthropology Association stands on these fundamental viewpoints mentioned in here. The Society daily continues further with interdisciplinary research through the academics who endorse our standpoint.